Effortless Student Shipping

Whether you’re driving or flying to college or back home, we know you’re dealing with tons of baggage! Avoid an overpacked car, long lines and crowds at the airport, and airline baggage fees by shipping to school instead.
Effortless Student Shipping

Ship Everything You Need

Jetting off to college means a great debate about what to bring and what to leave at home. Deliberate no more! We make it easy to send everything you’ll need to school with the industry’s most economical rates.
Ship Everything You Need

The Best Way to Ship Boxes, Luggage, and Sporting Equipment

Affordable? You bet.

Affordable? You bet.

Rates start at $59.99.

From tuition to textbooks, we know budgeting for college is important. That’s why we make shipping to school easy on your wallet. Not only will you save big on airline baggage fees, but our prices are also up to 60% cheaper than the other guys.
Fully-insured? Of course.

Fully-insured? Of course.

A+ coverage on all your belongings.

Bringing your shoe collection to school? Or your dad’s old golf clubs? We’ve got you covered. Complimentary insurance is included on every shipment. And if you need to insure for more, you can select a higher coverage option that best matches the value of your items.
Questions? Give us a ring.

Questions? Give us a ring.

We’re always easy to reach.

There’s nothing worse than talking to a robot. That’s why a real person will always be on the other end to address any of your questions or concerns. Contact us any day of the week by phone, email, text, or live chat.
Stress-free? Always.

Stress-free? Always.

Airport anxiety? Never heard of it!

Long bag-check lines, tiny overhead bins, and crowded baggage claims are more frustrating than calculus. Whether you’re starting a new semester or heading home for summer, shipping your boxes and luggage ahead allows you to bypass all those airport headaches.
Convenient? Every time.

Convenient? Every time.

All you have to do is pack.

Check off that packing list, tape up your boxes, zip up your suitcases, and enjoy the journey to or from school! We’ll come to you to collect your bags so you don’t have to do any heavy lifting.

How Ship Schools Works

We make shipping your boxes, luggage, and sporting equipment to and from school easier than ever.


1. Book

Shipping to school is simple. Schedule your shipment online or over the phone.
Print label & pack

2. Ship

Pack your boxes and bags and attach your shipping labels. We’ll collect them or you can drop them off.
Attach label & ship

3. Travel

Skip the airport stress and track your shipment every step of the way.
Arrive stress-free

4. Unpack

Arrive on campus, or back home, to find your shipment already there.

We've got you covered

From our dedicated customer service team to our on-time guarantee, you can relax when you ship to school.

Complimentary insurance
included with every shipment.
Real people, real customer service
seven days a week.
Dedicated team that tracks your bags through delivery.
Cost-effective pricing with
exceptional service and value.
Unbeatable white-glove shipping service.
On-time delivery guarantee or your money back.

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